Neotoma Preserves and Enhances Valuable Data Resources

Neotoma is much more than an archive; it is an essential cyberinfrastructure for paleoenvironmental research. The database facilitates integration, synthesis, and understanding of the paleorecord, and it promotes information sharing and collaboration.

Neotoma is a centralized database with virtual constituent databases, e.g. the North American Pollen Database or FAUNMAP. These constituent databases have been used extensively for scientific research. Neotoma enhances these databases and will continue their public access. By integrating the databases and by simplifying the contributor interface, Neotoma will reduce overall IT overhead for community-wide database maintenance, while enhancing capabilities for data ingest, display, discovery, analysis, and distribution. In addition, Neotoma will enable joint analysis of multiproxy datasets to address paleoenvironmental questions that transcend those possible with single-proxy databases.