Neotoma Mission, Bylaws, & Governance

Neotoma is governed by an Executive Committee of four people, who are joined by 8 other members to form the overall Leadership Council for the Neotoma Database.  

Executive Committee
Jack Williams, Chair; Steward, North American Pollen Database
Jessica Blois, Associate Chair; Steward, Vertebrates
Eric Grimm; Steward, Global Pollen Database
Alison Smith; Steward, Ostracodes

Other members of the Leadership Council
Allan Ashworth, Steward, Insects
Phil Buckland, Steward, Insects
Don Charles, Steward, Diatoms
Thomas Giesecke, Steward, European Pollen Database
Simon Goring
Claudio Latorre, Steward, Packrat Middens
Suzanne Pilaar Birch
Hikaru Takahara, Steward, Japan Pollen Database

Additionally, Russ Graham is currently serving as the Ad Hoc Chair 
of the Education & Outreach Working Group


Education & Outreach Working Group: Chair, Russ Graham
Information Technology (IT) Working Group: Chair, Simon Goring. Other members: Jack Williams, Edward Davis.
International Working Group: Chair, Allan Ashworth. Other members: Thomas Giesecke, Claudio Latorre, Hikaru Takahara
Membership Committee: Chair, Jessica Blois. Other members: Thomas Giesecke and Claudio Latorre