Contribute Data

All standard data formats accepted, with Excel and Tilia (.tlx) preferred. We’re working on a web submission form that will allow you to directly upload your data to Neotoma. Because all data has to undergo some amount of processing before it can be added to the Neotoma relational database, uploaded data will be temporarily stored with basic metadata in the Pending Data repository.

There are two ways to contribute data to Neotoma:

1) Contact a Data Steward. Because the issues encountered with data uploads are often specific to proxy types, and all data has to undergo some amount of curating before it can be added to the Neotoma relational database, data cannot be added directly to the database unless you are a Data Steward. Data Stewards are analogous to editors of peer-reviewed journals and are experts in particular proxy types.  All stewards have the ability to upload data to Neotoma and correct data in Neotoma.  Data stewards will work with you to arrange you data in a suitable format, then upload the data to the database.  See below for the lead steward for each proxy type.  

Lead data stewards:
  • Pollen: Jack Williams (jwwilliams1@wisc.edu), Thomas Giesecke (Thomas.Giesecke@biologie.uni-goettingen.de), or Suzette Flantua (s.g.a.flantua@gmail.com)
  • Diatoms: Don Charles (dfc63@drexel.edu)
  • Ostracodes: Alison Smith (alisonjs@kent.edu)
  • Insects: Allan Ashworth (allan.ashworth@ndsu.edu)
  • Vertebrates: Jessica Blois (jblois@ucmerced.edu)
  • Organic Geochemistry: Jon Nichols (jnichols@ldeo.columbia.edu)
  • Isotopes: Suzanne Pilaar Birch (sepbirch@uga.edu)
  • Testate Amoeba: Bob Booth (robert.booth@lehigh.edu)
  • Other proxy types: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) for assistance
2) Become a Neotoma Data Steward.  If you are uploading data from a number of different sites, it will likely be easier and faster for you to be trained as a Data Steward so you can upload data yourself. Data Stewards must complete a training course, offered as an on-request webinar or at scientific conferences.  People interested in becoming a Data Steward should .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) to discuss further.

If you are writing a grant proposal, and are planning to use Neotoma as the long-term and public-access archive for your data, we’ve developed some draft text that you are welcome to use and modify (see link below). Note that the US National Science Foundation now requires a Data Management Plan for all proposals.