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Downlaod Dataset NSF Facilities/Resources/Equipment       09/20/21               Facilities, Equipment, Resources text for NSF proposals. Usable by PIs partnering with Neotoma.
Downlaod Dataset Neotoma Data Sustainability & Management Plan       01/15/20               The Neotoma Paleoecology Database (hereafter, ‘Neotoma’) recognizes that data sustainability is a critical component of any reproducible scientific workflow. Sustainability is particularly important for Neotoma because the organization is a community-curated data repository that serves as a long term data archive for data generated by the paleoecological and paleoenvironmental communities. Neotoma has established this Data Management & Sustainability (DMS) plan to describe how we archive data and maximize sustainability. The intended audience for this DMS plan includes Neotoma data contributors, funding agencies, and journals using Neotoma as an archive.
Downlaod Dataset AmQua 2019 Newletter - Neotoma Update       11/19/19               Article submitted to Fall 2019 issue of Quaternary Times, providing update on Neotoma activities.
Downlaod Dataset Neotoma Bylaws -       08/12/19               Bylaws of the Neotoma Paleoecology Database. Last modified: Aug, 2018
Downlaod Dataset Neotoma Flyer - PDF       07/28/19               Promotional flyer. Handbill format (2-sided), designed for printing on 8.5x11" and then cutting in half. Includes site map updated as of 7/1/2019
Downlaod Dataset Neotoma AAAS Report and Interview       04/26/19               Report on Neotoma prepared by Dr. Raleigh Martin, AAAS Science & Technology Policy Fellow, as part of a review of NSF-GEO Data Facilities. Report finalized on Feb4, 2019 and based on interview with Dr. Jack Williams. This report is the opinion of the interviewer and the interviewee alone and does not reflect an official position of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), the U.S. National Science Foundation (NSF), or any NSF-funded institution.
Downlaod Dataset Neotoma Highlights: 2018-2019       04/25/19               2-pager reviewing Neotoma highlights and accomplishments for 2018-2019
Downlaod Dataset Neotoma Highlights: 2017-2018       04/25/19               2-pager reviewing Neotoma highlights and accomplishments for 2017-2018
Downlaod Dataset Code of Conduct       12/05/18               The Neotoma database activities are governed by an official Code of Conduct, adopted by the Leadership Council on December 5, 2018
Downlaod Dataset Introduction to the Neotoma Paleoecology Database PowerPoint       08/22/18               Introduction to the Neotoma Database PowerPoint: "The Neotoma Paleoecology Database: Community-led Cyberinfrastructure for Global Change Research" by Eric C. Grimm
Downlaod Dataset Neotoma Structure PowerPoint       08/22/18               Introduction to the Neotoma data structure by Eric C. Grimm
Downlaod Dataset Powerpoint ESA 2018 Symposium       08/12/18               2018 Symposium presentation about building big data from long-tail ecological datasets, by Jack Williams et al
Downlaod Dataset AmQua 2018 Presentation       08/11/18               Presentation about Neotoma given at AmQua and CanQua 2018 (Ottawa) by Jack Williams
Downlaod Dataset 2018-08-GeoDaRRS: NeotomaDB: Status, directions, and challenges       08/10/18               This is a presentation Jessica Blois gave on the Neotoma database at the NSF-funded GeoDaRRS workshop, hosted at NCAR. https://www2.cisl.ucar.edu/events/workshops/geodarrs-workshop/2018/geoscience-digital-data-resource-and-repository-service-geodarrs-workshop
Downlaod Dataset Neotoma Recent Advances ESA 2018       08/05/18               Powerpoint given by Jack Williams, ESA 2018: Recent Advances in Neotoma
Downlaod Dataset Neotoma Working Group Bookmark       05/30/12               A printable bookmark that displays all the workgroup icons.
Downlaod Dataset Revised age models for eastern North America late Quaternary pollen sites       02/15/12               Revised age models based on Blois et al. 2011, Quaternary Science Reviews. See the README.txt file within the zip folder for additional details.
Downlaod Dataset Neotoma Database Manual       04/13/11               Version 1, April 2008. This manual describes the design, contents, background, and use of the Neotoma Database. Includes detailed descriptions of database tables and example SQL statements illustrating common queries.
Downlaod Dataset Neotoma Data Management Plan       03/20/11               NSF Data Management Plans: Draft Text for Proposals. Last updated 5/2018
Downlaod Dataset Neotoma Database Entity Relationship Diagram       02/24/11               A detailed mapping of the Neotoma Database structure.