Alaskan Archaeofaunas

The Alaskan Archaefaunas data derive almost exclusively from Late Holocene archaeological sites, with a few paleontological sites and older archaeological sites included here and there.  Thus far, the sites are primarily from coastal settings, with comprehensive coverage of the Aleutian Islands, the Alaska Peninsula, Kodiak, and the northern Gulf of Alaska (see map of coverage).  We eventually plan to add data from throughout the state.
Alaskan archaeological sites are catalogued according to the USGS quadrangle in which they are located. We have compiled archaeofaunal data from all of the quads shaded green. We are in the process of uploading the data files for these sites.

The Alaskan Archaefaunas group is headed by Dr. Mike Etnier, at Western Washington University (WWU).  The original work was funded by the National Park Service (NPS) through a Cooperative Agreement between NPS and WWU.