The Geochronology and Age Models Workgroup

Age-depth models are vital for many NEOTOMA-based studies, especially when multiple proxy archives need to be compared. Dates can be relative (e.g., a pollen-stratigraphic marker) or absolute (e.g., radiocarbon dates). Most cores in the NEOTOMA database will contain only a handful of dates. From this limited amount of information, the ages of the dated and undated depths of a fossil proxy sequence are estimated. This is done by drawing curves through the dated points (e.g., see Blaauw 2010). It is important for the users to be aware that all dates and all age-depth models possess a degree of uncertainty. Our data priorities are:

  • Calibration of 14C dates
  • Include chronological uncertainties
  • Inclusion of additional fields for 14C dates
  • Applying the Star system to better assess sources of error in stratified systems
  • Using multiple sources of dates for more robust models
  • Workshop in Northern Ireland, 2011 or 2012

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