North American Pollen Database

The North American Pollen Database (NAPD) includes data from stratigraphic contexts and from modern surface samples from Canada, the United States, and northern Mexico. NAPD is a virtual constituent database of Neotoma.

Coring Brush Lake, Montana

NAPD is based at the University of Minnesota and is coordinated by Eric C. Grimm. Nicola Cullen is employed full-time to process data. The database has an 8-person Advisory Board:

Alwynne Beaudoin, Provincial Museum of Alberta
Owen K. Davis, University of Arizona
Stephen T. Jackson, University of Wyoming
Dorothy M. Peteet, Lamont Doherty Geological Observatory
Pierre J.H. Richard, Université de Montréal
Cathy Whitlock, Montana State University
John (Jack) W. Williams, University of Wisconsin
Debra A. Willard, United States Geological Survey

Data Submission
Although data in spreadsheet format (e.g. Excel or Tilia) are preferred, data may be submitted in any form, electronic or paper. Legacy data can be keypunched from count sheets. For questions about data submission or to submit data electronically, please email Nicola Cullen.

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