Welcome to the Peatland and Testate Amoebae Workgroup

The peatlands working group is focused on the archival and management of peatland paleoenvironmental data, including environmental proxies unique to peatlands (e.g., humification), environmental indicators that are common to other depositional settings yetoften have peatland-specific techniques of analysis (e.g., testate amoebae, plant macrofossils), and modern training sets used for the interpretation of past changes (e.g., transfer functions). Our datasets are commonly used in studies of past climate, carbon accumulation, and peatland paleoecology.
Drawing of a testate amoeba

Data priorities:
Our immediate priorities for dataset inclusion in Neotoma include the incorporation of previously collected data that will quickly demonstrate the utility of the database, and potentially facilitate future data contribution and collaboration. These datasets include basal peat radiocarbon datasets, testate amoeba calibration datasets, and the data used in several recent peatland carbon accumulation syntheses. Over the next several years our priorities include the addition of peatland stratigraphic records (testate amoebae, macrofossils, LOI, bulk density, geochemistry, humification), including raw data as well as selected derived variables that are particularly useful to the peatland and climate modeling communities (water-table depth reconstructions, carbon accumulation histories).