Neotoma Bylaws & Governance

Neotoma has a new bylaws and governance structure! The Bylaws were drafted based on community input at the 2015 All-Hands meeting in Berkeley, CA and voted on and approved in December, 2016.  Members of Neotoma are professional researchers and educators who use or contribute data to Neotoma and are interested in furthering Neotoma’s mission; Membership can be requested by any individual.

Neotoma data are managed by its Constituent Databases, each of which will have one or more Data Stewards.  Neotoma itself is governed by a Leadership Council, composed of 12 members each serving 4-year terms.  Key working groups include Executive, IT/Development, International Partnerships, and Education and Outreach.   

For more information about the Neotoma bylaws and governance structure, go here.

Posted by Jack Williams on 12/13