Ancient Environmental DNA Cyberinfrastructure Workshop: Applications Open

Dear colleagues,

Neotoma and the University of Wisconsin will be hosting a workshop to lay the groundwork for a robust cyberinfrastructure dedicated to supporting the open access for ancient environmental DNA and integrating it with existing cyberinfrastructure in genomics and paleoecology.  This workshop will be held May 18-20 in Madison, WI, USA.  The workshop is supported by the National Science Foundation and standard travel costs will be covered for all participants.

This ca. 20-person workshop includes several open participant slots specifically dedicated to early career scientists and scientists from underrepresented populations.  If you are interested in attending, please email your CV and a short statement of research interests to Jack Williams (jwwilliams1@wisc.edu) by March 6.

Planned activities include: 1) review the current state of the art with respect to ancient DNA data generation, data handling, data archival, and analytical pipelines; 2) review the latest advances and capabilities of existing cyberinfrastructures in genomics and paleoecology; 3) identify paleogenomic-relevant gaps and semantic misalignments among existing resources; 4) establish priorities and initial standards for data and metadata reporting in community paleodata resources. The Steering Committee for this workshop is Inger Alsos, Jessica Blois, Mary Edwards, Eric Grimm, Laura Parducci, Beth Shapiro, and Jack Williams. 

If you have any questions please reach out to Jack Williams. 

Posted by Jack Williams on 02/17