Server upgrade July 1, temporary closure of Neotoma services

Dear Colleagues,

Beginning Wednesday, July 1, Neotoma will be down for several days during a server upgrade at Penn State University.  This downtime will affect the Neotoma database and all software services associated with it (e.g. Neotoma Explorer, APIs, R package, Tilia-to-Neotoma services).  We do not yet know the exact duration of this downtime but hope it will be less than a week.  All Neotoma services on the new server are being tested during this upgrade, to ensure that everything runs smoothly afterwards.  However, there is a possibility that some Neotoma services will need patching after this server upgrade. 

We apologize for the short advance notice of this upgrade and for any disruptions caused.  We are monitoring this situation closely and will post updates as soon as we have them.

If you run into any issues during or after the server upgrade, please contact the Neotoma Executive Committee at Neotoma-contact@googlegroups.com or post a note to the NeotomaDB Slack workspace (neotomadb.slack.com #it-dev).  

-Jack Williams, Jessica Blois, Steve Crawford, Simon Goring, Eric Grimm, Doug Miller, Mike Stryker

PS Many of you know that we are also working on a backend migration of the Neotoma database from a SQL Server/Windows server to a PostgreSQL/Linux server.  That migration is nearly complete but is separate from this PSU server upgrade.  We likely will need to schedule a second downtime window to complete this migration.  We will send out updates as soon as we establish the timeline for this database migration.

[Update 6/26/2020 3:13pm US CT: changed contact email to Neotoma-contact@googlegroups.com]

[Update 8/5/2020 The server upgrade is underway and we are experiencing a few broken links as we repoint services from the old PSU server to the new one. 
Additionally, services are running slower than normal, which we are working on as well. We are working to get these issues resolved as fast as possible.]


Posted by Jack Williams on 06/26