Migration update Nov 20, 2020

Dear Colleagues,

I'm pleased to report several additional milestones in the porting of Neotoma services over from Windows/SQLServer to Linux/Postgres:

1) An updated version of Tilia (v3.0.1) was released today to Data Stewards, and is ready and enabled for Stewards to resume uploading data to Neotoma.  Eric had been working on this new version for several months, with roughly 70 new datasets uploaded, to ensure it was fully connected with the new postgres version of Neotoma.  This version of Tilia can download sites, upload new sites, and add new datasets to existing sites.  There are a few minor known issues that we are working on fixing.

2) Neotoma Explorer has now been fully repointed to the new version of Neotoma, so as new sites are added, you will be able to find them in Explorer.  Jonathan Nelson at Penn State soon will start to work on next-stage improvements to Explorer, in response to Neotoma user and steward requests.  [11/25/20 Update: Several bugs have been reported, in some search windows and in Stratigraphic Diagrammer and its display of chronologies.  We're working on them now and discussing in Slack: https://neotomadb.slack.com.]

3) Landing pages for individual Neotoma datasets are now re-enabled.  For example, https://data.neotomadb.org/14194   Simon Goring is also about to turn on the minting of DOIs for all Neotoma records.  This capability has been available for a while, but has been put on hold while bugs were ironed out of the uploading process; we wanted to avoid minting DOIs for datasets that might need to be removed if errors were found.

See the updated summary table for details about individual components, their current status, and their locations. 



Posted by Jack Williams on 11/20