Strat Diagrammer 2.0 released

I'm delighted to report that a new version of Stratigraphic Diagrammer is now released for Neotoma!  Stratigraphic Diagrammer is available in Neotoma Explorer and provides a stratigraphic view of a site-level dataset.  It can be accessed by first finding a site, then clicking on it to get a small popup box, then clicking on the 'view dataset' icon (looks like an eyeball) next to a dataset. 

The original version only supported pollen data, whereas this new version supports pollen, diatom, ostracodes, testate amoebae, and vertebrates.  This new version can be extended to other variables as well, with some case-by-case decisions needed about how to handle expected range values, missing values, units, etc. 
And the new version is quite beautiful as well and allows popups of values for individual points. Thanks to all on the Neotoma IT team and particularly Mike Stryker and Jonathan Nelson for their great work on designing and launching this.  

Posted by Jack Williams on 02/02