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Join the Neotoma Community

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There are three ways you can get involved with Neotoma:

1) Follow Neotoma activities.

By joining the Neotoma Announcements listserve, you will get occasional updates about Neotoma database activities. If you have a google account, you can request to join the group. If you don’t have a google account, email Jessica Blois to be added directly.

You can also follow Neotoma on Twitter (@neotomadb).

2) Become a member of Neotoma.

This means that you will get the same regular updates about Neotoma database activities, but you also can play a role in the governance of the database by voting on initiatives and leadership, or even serving on subcommittees in topics of interest to you!

3) Become a Neotoma Data Steward.

Data Stewards are analogous to editors of peer-reviewed journals and have the ability to upload data to Neotoma and correct data in Neotoma. Data Stewards must complete a training course, offered as an on-request webinar or at scientific conferences.