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Proposal Preparation

We encourage researchers to build support for Neotoma data entry into their proposal applications. This could take the form of hiring a student or technician for data preparation and upload, support for a member of the Neotoma team to provide a training workshop, etc. Please contact the Neotoma team to discuss further.

If you wish to enter large amounts of data into Neotoma, or create a new constituent database, please contact the Neotoma team to discuss prior to proposal preparation.

Resources for NSF proposals:

NSF Data Management Plan Specifications

Draft text for crafting US National Science Foundation proposal Data Management Plans. You are welcome to use and modify this text if you are planning to use Neotoma as the long-term and public-access archive for your data.

Facilities, Equipment, and Other Resources

Facilities, Equipment, Resources text for NSF proposals. Usable by PIs partnering with Neotoma.