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Welcome to Neotoma! Begin here to learn about finding, downloading, and contributing data.
Picea (spruce) pollen grain

All data stored in Neotoma are publicly available and free to use. Any use of data from Neotoma should cite the original publications whenever possible and also acknowledge the Neotoma database. Example:

“Data were obtained from the Neotoma Paleoecology Database (http://www.neotomadb.org), and the work of the data contributors and the Neotoma community is gratefully acknowledged."

Normal ethics and standards of co-authorship apply. See Neotoma’s data-use policy for further details.

Here are some ways to get started...

  1. Click Explore Database to learn more about searching, exploring, and downloading Neotoma holdings via an in interactive web application.  This is the easiest and most commonly used method for obtaining data from Neotoma.
  2. Download a complete database snapshot in Microsoft Access or SQL Server format.  This is often preferred by users who wish to develop highly customized data queries or download large numbers of sites.
  3. Click Get Pending Data to find data that have been sent to Neotoma but not incorporated yet into its relational database. Files here include new author submissions not yet processed by Neotoma data stewards as well as miscellaneous datasets that don’t yet fit into the Neotoma database structure (e.g. pollen-based paleoclimatic and paleovegetational reconstructions).
  4. Please use data fairly!  Read the Neotoma Data Policy.