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Iconic software built by Eric Grimm. Originally for pollen data analysis and building pollen diagrams, now extended to support Steward data uploads, downloads, and curation.

Image of a Tilia pollen grain

About Tilia

Tilia is software designed for managing and graphing paleontological data and metadata, especially stratigraphic data. The program is especially suitable for graphing microfossil data such as pollen, ostracodes, and diatoms, although it may be used for graphing virtually any kind of stratigraphic data.

Tilia also interacts with the Neotoma database through APIs. It is the key program for uploading data to the website, and you can also download full site-level data through Tilia.

Tilia was originally developed by Neotoma co-founder Eric Grimm.

Installing Tilia

Please enter your information here to obtain download instructions for Tilia. Note that Tilia can only be installed on a Windows PC or Windows emulator.