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Beta version of neotoma2 R package released!

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We are excited to announce, at long last, the beta release of the Neotoma R package, neotoma2. Many, many thanks to Simon Goring and Socorro Dominguez for this huge effort, and all of the folks who have contributed suggestions, code, vignette examples, etc. along the way.

The new R package works with the latest Neotoma web services, and is designed to work more closely with the R tidyverse, making data access and analysis more streamlined.

Some features:

  • Nested sites, datasets and samples to more closely mirror the data model of the database.
  • Filter functions to allow you remove sites and datasets easily
  • New set_*() functions, allowing you to add new records directly into your analysis seamlessly

The neotoma2 package is currently hosted on GitHub ( while we iron out the kinks and see how people use the package.

If you’d like to use the package we’ve provided some RMarkdown vignettes to get you started. Installation is as easy as:


We’ll be running a live coding day on Wednesday Feb 16 from 9:00am - 12:00pm (Pacific) on Zoom ( Folks are invited to join and talk with us about their needs, and see the package in action as we work to improve our online resources.

Bug reports can be made to Simon Goring (, online at or in the #it_r channel of our Slack workspace (

Folks are more than welcome to contribute to the project. Please let us know if you’d like to help out with documentation, examples, code, or helping us craft useful case studies for using the R package!

Posted February 11, 2022 by Jessica Blois