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INQUA 2023: Neotoma events & meetup

INQUA XXI in Rome is nearly here! If you’ll be there, here are a couple of Neotoma-related events and activities:

July 13: Pre-Meeting Workshop: Neotoma Paleoecology Database: Catalyzing Open Quaternary Science Hall Computing. Leaders: Jessica Blois & Socorro Dominguez Vidana. The morning session (filled) will be a training on how to use rneotoma and other parts of the Neotoma software stack. The afternoon session will be a drop-in and co-working session for Neotoma Data Stewards. All are welcome, including both currently active Stewards or those interested in learning more about how to become a Steward. The workshop will be located in the "Marini-Bettolo" room, in the Department of Environmental Biology CU22.

July 13: Meet up. We’re planning to find each other at the INQUA Icebreaker and then head out from there for evening dinner or drinks.

July 19: Data Science and Paleoecology: Current Intersections and Advances. Leaders: Quinn Asena & Jack Williams. Lots of great talks, many drawing directly on Neotoma resources.

And, if you know of other Neotoma-related activities or sessions, feel free to circulate. Last but not least, in case you’re wishing you had your very own Neotoma woodrat sticker, we’ll have extras to share!

Posted June 28, 2023 by Jack Williams