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Neotoma All-Hands Meeting Starts Monday, April 17!

The Neotoma Virtual All-Hands Meeting starts this Monday, April 17, and will run over the full week. This is an open meeting for all interested members of the Neotoma community. Meeting goals: 1) Share progress updates, 2) Get community input on next-stage priorities, 3) Discuss key topics in more depth (topics: Taxonomy, Informatics, and Research/Education/OpenAccess), and 4) establish the groundwork for the NSF-Geoinformatics renewal proposal to be submitted in August, 2023.

To minimize zoom fatigue while also supporting Neotoma's international community, the meeting is organized as two duplicate sessions per day, with each session running 2 or 3 hours. (For Friday only, there will be just one session.) For full details of the meeting (including zoom links and times), see the Agenda and Schedule of Speakers.

Regular updates are available on Neotoma's Slack Workspace, in the #gen_allhands_2023 channel.

Posted April 12, 2023 by Jack Williams