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Neotoma R 1.0->2.0 rapid transition

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Hi everyone,

As many of you know, a new version of the Neotoma R package, 2.0, was released in February of this year. V2.0 is a major update, that points to the new PostgreSQL version of the backend database and includes a major redesign of the R data objects so that they now hold the full suite of all data and metadata associated with a dataset at a site.

We had hoped to keep supporting the 1.0 R package for at least the next several months, but unfortunately this package was housed on an older Penn State server that effectively has been shut down. This shutdown was unexpected to the Neotoma team. There is some chance that we will be able to restore the services supporting the 1.0 R package, but so far this seems unlikely. In any case, the 1.0 R package was pointing to pointing to an static version of the database that is already at least a year out of date.

We apologize that the full sunsetting of the 1.0 R package has been more abrupt than intended and are sorry for any disruptions that this may have caused to anyone’s analytical workflows. Fortunately, Simon and Soccoro have been hard at work adding new features to the 2.0 R package and preparing example vignettes to show users how to use the 2.0 features. Simon just posted the following information to Neotoma’s Slack workspace, in #it_r.

In preparation for the #db_epd workshop in Prague and the AMQUA workshop, @Socorro and I have been working on getting a bunch more changes to the neotoma2 R package finished up, and some more vignette/workflows written up. You can see the drafts here:

We'd very much appreciate your feedback, either directly or through DMs. The Rmd documents from which these were generated can be found here:

If you feel comfortable working with GitHub we welcome your contributions here as well.

Jack Williams

Posted May 27, 2022 by Jack Williams