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Summer 2022 Virtual Drop-In Hours

Various members of the Neotoma community will be hosting virtual ‘drop-in hours’ via Zoom for anyone who needs assistance with various aspects of the Neotoma DB / Tilia system. Different folks work with different proxy types and so we may not be able to answer all questions, but we can help funnel you to other people who can help.

This information is also posted to the ‘gen_help’ channel on the NeotomaDB Slack. You can join the Neotoma Slack community here. Any updates (ie, if a particular session is cancelled for the week) will be posted to Slack.

Note that all folks listed below are located in the USA, so the days of the week may differ for folks in other parts of the world. I've added the UTC times to hopefully help the time zone conversions.

If anyone else is interested in hosting drop-in hours, please let Jessica Blois know. It would be particularly helpful to have folks who are not US-based, so that we can broaden the range of times around the world that are covered. Many thanks to Don, Nicola, and Sarah for offering this resource!

Please check out the calendar for specific dates / times / and Zoom links.

Posted July 05, 2022 by Jessica Blois